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About Nox-Crete

The primary purpose of NOX-CRETE Release Agent is to prevent concrete adhesion to formwork surfaces, molds, and other casting materials. By creating a reliable barrier between the concrete and the contact surface, it ensures easy, clean, and effortless removal of the formwork after concrete curing.

This release agent boasts a non-toxic and eco-friendly formulation, promoting environmental responsibility and safety for both users and the surrounding environment. Its low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content makes it compliant with strict environmental regulations while providing a healthier working environment.

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Authorized Dealer

Being an authorized dealer enables Caledon Forest Products to provide its customers with a comprehensive range of Nox-Crete products, including their highly effective and eco-friendly release agents. The Nox-Crete release agents offered by Caledon Forest Products are designed to enhance formwork performance, minimize concrete adhesion, and facilitate easy formwork removal, contributing to smoother and more efficient construction processes.