Our Formply

Standard Grades

5 Ply, 7Ply, 7Ply+ 13Ply

Specialty Products

Specialty HDO and MDO is available on request

About Our Formply

Forming plywood is a versatile and essential woodworking process that involves the creation of a strong and flexible panel material. It begins with thin layers of wood veneer, usually sourced from various species of trees, carefully arranged in a specific pattern. These veneers are bonded together using a strong adhesive, typically phenol-formaldehyde resin, and pressed under high heat and pressure to form a solid, uniform sheet.


At Caledon Forest Products, we take pride in offering high-quality lumber that not only meets your construction needs but also aligns with your values as an environmentally conscious consumer. With our FSC-certified lumber, you can have confidence in the sustainability and ethical practices behind every board, ensuring that your project is built on a foundation of responsible stewardship.